University 20 August 1955Vice-rectorate of First and Second cycles training, Continuous Training and Diplomas and Post Graduate Training.

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Offres de formations à l'université 20 Août 1955 - Skikda(Licence) EN


  Studying at the University August 20, 1955 Skikda, is to acquire a high level of teaching and research recognized, quickly integrate the world of work at the end of your degree.
Our university offers the Bachelor's degree program. The trainings are classified according to the following fields:

Technology, concerns the following disciplines

  •     Petrochemistry and Process Engineering
  •     Electrical Engineering
  •     Mechanical Engineering
  •     Civil Engineering

Sciences, Concerns the following disciplines:

  •     Science of matter
  •     Mathematics and Computer Science
  •     Science of Nature and Life

Letters and Languages, Concerns the following disciplines:

  •     Arabic Language and Literature
  •     Literature and Foreign Languages

Social Sciences and Human Sciences, concerns the following disciplines:

  •     Social science
  •     Information and Communication Sciences
  •     Psychology
  •     Sociology

Law and Political Science, concerns the following disciplines:

  •     Law and Political Science

Economics, Social Sciences and Management Science, concerns the following disciplines:

  •     Economic science
  •     Management Science
  •     Commercial Sciences
  •     Financial Sciences and Accounting

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